Accommodation in Florence

We advice to book as early as possible, since September is a busy period in Florence and it may be difficult to find available places downtown (some hotels are already fully booked for the conference dates at the time of writing these notes, April 2014)

You have several options for reserving a room:  
  1. Convitto della Calza, the conference venue, has its own rooms, and you can reserve there through their service. This service allows you to reserve in two close hotels as well, (Classic Hotel, Villa Carlotta).
    You should use the Accommodation Request Form for this option, available in MS doc pdf file format file format Adobe pdf pdf file format file format and rtf format pdf file format file format.

  2. A number of hotel rooms have been blocked for SPLC 2014 participants at specially negotiated rates at the quite close hotels:

  3. The hotels listed below offer discounted rates to visitors of University of Florence.
    The hotels below are listed by growing distance from the workshop site, but those in the central area are conveniently located close to direct urban bus stops to the conference site.
    When booking, be sure to explicitly mention that you are visitors of "University of Florence, SPLC2014" which is the only way you can profit of the discounted rates.
    Shown is an indication of their price, ranging from single (occupancy) basic rooms to double/triple and more fancy ones.

  4. You are obviously free to book in any hotel in Florence, that you can find on usual web travel services, that sometimes offer more convenient prices.
    Here is a map of Florence hotels. The conference venue is conveniently reached by bus in ten minutes from the main station area.

  5. Participants interested to Camping should know that Camping Village Internazionale Firenze has a convenient 15 mins urban bus connection with the conference venue.

In any case, be advised that a city tax of up to 5 euro per person per night (proportional to the cost of the accommodation) has to be paid and is usually not included in the exhibited room price.

(download the KML file)