SPLC 2018 was successfully held in Gothenburg

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We had three wonderful *keynote speakers

·  *Judith Bishop*, who shared her experience regarding the success of
software reuse in industry.

·  *Markus Völter*, who presented the importance of domain-specific
languages as the middle-ground between programming and configuration in

·  *Martin Hiller*, who presented some of the challenges Volvo Cars has
faced to become a car manufacturer in which software is a key difference
with its competitors.


We ran 8 *tutorials <http://splc2018.net/program/tutorials/>*.


We had 4 workshops <http://splc2018.net/program/workshops/>:

·  *REVE: *6th International Workshop on Reverse Variability Engineering

·  *IWODPLE: *1st International Workshop on Documentation of Industrial
Product Line Examples*.*

·  *VariVolution: *1st International Workshop on Variability and Evaluation
of Software-intensive Systems.

·  *SPLTea: *3rd International Workshop on Software Product Line Teaching


This year the forum included:

·  Presentations of industry best practice reports.

·  A round table and a panel where practitioners debated the main
challenges to tackle in the near future by the product line community


All papers are published in the SPLC 2018 proceedings that are available on
the ACM website <http://splc2018.net/proceedings/>.

*AWARDS <http://splc2018.net/program/awards/>*

*Most influential paper award*

Conferred to *Christian Prehofer*, for the paper:

*Feature-Oriented Programming: A Fresh Look at Objects. In  ECOOP 1997 ( p.
491-503). LNCS 1241, Springer, 1997.*

*Best paper award*

Conferred to *Christian Kröher, Lea Gerling and Klaus Schmid* for the paper:

*Identifying the Intensitive of Varibility Changes in Software Product Line

*Distinguished reviewer awards*

Conferred to three of our reviewers:

*Leopoldo Teixeira*. Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

*Rick Rabiser*. Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

*Sandro Schulze*. Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

Congratulations to the winners.

SPLC 2019 WILL BE HELD IN PARIS <http://www.splc2019.net/> together with
ECSA 2019 <https://ecsa2019.univ-lille.fr/>

CALL FOR PAPERS AND PROPOSALS <https://splc2019.net/call-for-papers/>

·  Research papers

·  Industrial systems and Software Product Line papers

·  Challenges and Solutions papers

·  Journal First papers

·  Workshop proposals

·  Demonstration and tools

·  Doctoral Symposium

·  Tutorial proposals

·  Panel proposals

IMPORTANT DATES FOR SUBMISSIONS <https://splc2019.net/important-dates/>

·  25- 01 – 2019 — Challenges

·  08- 02 – 2019 — Workshop proposals

·  18- 02 – 2019 — Challenges solutions

·  12- 03 – 2019 — Abstract deadline research and industry papers

·  19- 03 – 2019 — Submission deadline research and industry papers

·  28- 05 – 2019 — Submission artifacts, workshop papers, journal
articles, tools, tutorials, challenge solutions and doctoral symposium

+INFO: www.splc2019.net and https://ecsa2019.univ-lille.fr/