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(This page is being updated because new rankings appeared)

SPLC is the premier conference, which exclusively focuses on product lines, while at the same time covering the whole breadth of product line related topics. Over the last two decades the conference has always been strongly focused on being the scientific home of the product line community. As a result many important and influential papers in this area have been published at the conference. This success is reflected in some of the rankings of the conference as follows:

  • It is listed in Qualis [1,2] as A2 (i.e., the second-best possible ranking on a 7-part scale).

  • The 2017 version of GII-GRIN-SCIE now lists SPLC as A- (instead of the B result of 2016). A- means that SPLC is among the 242 top conferences of a list of 2233 conferences [3].



  • There is a new Spanish ranking (December 2016) which takes into account the H Index of proceedings on Computer Science, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, and Communications. This ranking is named Proceedings Scholar Metrics and lists SPLC as Q1 (position 163 of 1631) [5].


As of today some other rankings do not yet include a ranking of SPLC (e.g., CORE [6]). We are looking into this to achieve an appropriate ranking of SPLC in these rankings as well.

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