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Most Influential Paper Award for Software Product Lines
Call for Nominations

The Software Product Line (SPL) Conference has established a Most Influential Paper (MIP) award to recognize significant research contributions to SPLs.

Nominations are sought and will be reviewed by the SPLMIP committee.  A nominated paper:

  1. Must be published at least 10 years ago.
  2. The title, author(s), and publication venue (conference, journal) of the paper should be included in a nomination, along with the description of the work (250-500 words in length) and why particular attention to its contributions merits the award.  Citations alone are not sufficient.  Supporting letters from a list of 3 or more endorsers, their names and institutions should be enclosed.  An example nomination letter is below
  3. A nominated paper could have appeared in any conference or journal venue, not just SPL Conference.
  4. If an author of a nominated papers is on the Award Committee, the paper will not be considered until the author(s) rotates off the committee; the nomination is time-stamped by its submission date, not when the nomination becomes active.
  5. Nominations are active for up to 4 years upon receipt and would need to be resubmitted upon nomination expiration.

We anticipate an MIP Award will be given every year. Award winners will be contacted at least 3 months in advance of the Conference and will be posted/announced in June of that year. It is also intended that a stipend will be given to the authors of an awarded paper for one or more of them to receive the award and to give a presentation at the conference.

Current Nominations. Set of nominations received to date is here.

Nominations are now being received.  Nominations should be sent to SPLCMIP@cs.utexas.edu, which is a mailing alias to all committee members. 

All participants, endorses and the Award Committee, will observe ACM’s Guidelines on Conflict of Interest.

Duties of SPLMIP Chair and Members.

Current Committee Membership

Paulo Borba,  Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil (Chair)
David Benavides, University of Seville, Spain 
Jean-Marc Jezequel, Director of IRISA, Rennes, France
Stefania Gnesi, ISTI-CNR, Italy (Past Chair)