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The SPLC Steering Committee had a meeting today and set up an Emergency Response Committee (ERC) and in coordination with the SPLC 2020 organization team gives a message of hope to all the ones impacted by COVID-19, in any form, and in any place around the world and want to ensure that SPLC 2020 will be run in one way or another.

Please get more information about SPLC2020 on our website: www.splc2020.net

Dear SPLC community,

We are proud to announce that the SPLC community is ready to face the current state of situation and with the collaboration of many active members we can ensure that the 2020 edition of SPLC, the one that celebrates the 30th anniversary of feature models, will be run in a way or another.

If you are planning your workshop proposal, a research or industry paper submission, or other way of contributions for SPLC 2020, please, keep working.

We will rearrange the deadlines and inform you using our www.splc2020.net web site before the end of next week. Please, visit it to be updated. The deadlines will be revisited and extended because we think that with the confinement that many of us are experiencing, with all the family at home, with virtual teaching and all the implications, our productivity will be reduced. Our desire is to be empathetic with all the contributors.

While the conference is still relatively late in time, the SPLC 2020 organization team is ready to handle the different scenarios that might apply in mid-October.

Please, just submit your contribution. It will be thoroughly evaluated by our different committees, and accepted contributions will be published by ACM. Maybe some delays can occur with the formal proceedings, but we will handle the situation accordingly. None of those steps require any travel or any risk related to COVID-19. ACM’s proceedings LaTeX templates are already available to maximize online collaborative work. Other templates and further information is available on our website: www.splc2020.net

Hope to see you all in October either physically or virtually!

David Benavides as SPLC SC chair and Roberto López-Herrejón as SPLC 2020 General Chair, on behalf of the SPLC ERC

26th of March 2020

*To prepare this letter, we were inspired by the letter prepared by ECSA 2020 organisers.