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The cultural heritage and the mixture of artistic styles and civilizations of Sevilla provides a magic environment for the movies world.
Here we detail some of the locations which have been used as real scenarios for movies and TV shows.

Game of Thrones

The set of palaces in Real Alcázar of Sevilla, UNESCO World Hiratage Site, includes a spectacular Mudejar palace which hosts the Martell family and different Hollywood movies such as Kingdom of Heaven or TV shows as Emerald City.





The palace gardens also figure the Water Gardens to provide relax, fresh air and failed rescues.





A bit far from Sevilla, the bullfighting Arena in Osuna has been used for a vibrant fight in Meereen.






Attention Spoilers! The Roman ruins in Italica (about 10Kms from Sevilla) has been used in some shoots in the right coming Season.




Lawrence of Arabia

The Moorish-inspired buildings and exotic atmosphere in and around Seville’s Maria Luisa Park served as a perfect all-purpose backdrop for the Lawrence crew. In the film, the park’s Plaza de América served as fill-ins for Jerusalem, and today’s park remains an oasis of trickling fountains and flowering vines that mixes Islamic architectural motifs with the most charming aspects of English and French gardens. (Photo by Zu Sanchez).



Although the classic meetings between Lawrence and General Allenby were set in the Middle East, a closer look reveals the unmistakably delicate columns, Moorish arches, and geometric tile-work of Seville’s Casa de Pilatos. This 16th-century Renaissance-Mudéjar palace is one of the world’s best examples of Andalusian architecture and is known for its peaceful courtyards and gardens. (Photo by Miguel Eguido)



The Plaza de España with a curving column-lined walkways and sun-lit square have appeared in everything from Lawrence of Arabia to Star Wars to the 2012 comedy The Dictator. Today, it’s one of Seville crowning landmarks, no small feat in a historic city that has served as such a crucible of cultures and architectural styles. (Photo by Zu Sanchez)








These are the most popular locations but other have attracted Hollywood directors.


Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz walked by Barrio de Santa Cruz in Knight and Day.

And Michael Fassbender runs and jumps while he looks for a hidden ancient treasure in the Cathedral of Sevilla and its famous tower, La Giralda, in Assassins’s Creed movie.