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U.S. Naval Research Laboratory: A-7E Operational Flight Program

The A-7E operational flight program (OFP) is the software that assists the pilot of the Navy’s A-7E aircraft to operate the airplane. The OFP was redesigned by the Software Cost Reduction project at the Naval Research Laboratory to show how to apply family-based software development principles in the development of a hard real-time system. Commonalities and variabilities were explicitly identified starting in the requirements specification for the family, and were a strong driving factor in the modular design of the OFP. The OFP design, including a modular structure, a process structure, and a uses relation, was explicitly created and documented to be an engineering model that others could follow. It has had a strong influence on the field of both software engineering and of product line engineering.


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The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the First Software Product Line Conference (SPLC1).