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Nokia: Mobile Phones

Nokia Mobile Phones produces a wide range of mobile phones. Currently 32 different phones are manufactured covering six different protocol standards, a wide variety of functional features and capabilities, different user interface designs, and many platforms and environments. The initial software architecture for this product line addressed variations in hardware, communication standards, and user interfaces; the product line was selected “The Product of the Year” by Business Week and Connect magazines. The current architecture is component based in the client-server style. It allows separate service providers to be plugged in or taken out without restarting the system. This architecture supports both local and remote message passing and component management, task scheduling and event control. Nokia Mobile Phones is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, and they believe that software product line engineering has helped it to reach that position.


Slide Set: Global Software Product Lines and Infinite Diversity – Anders Heie


About This Product Line

Nokia was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the First Software Product Line Conference (SPLC1).

Cited improvements to Nokia’s mobile phones include unprecedented feature variation and product to market capability.