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CelsiusTech Systems AB: ShipSystem 2000

ShipSystem 2000 is a family of naval shipboard command and control systems produced by CelsiusTech Systems AB of Sweden since the late 1980s. Begun in 1985 as a business and technical response to two large contracts awarded simultaneously, ShipSystem 2000 is based upon a robust architecture that was designed to handle both of those initial systems as well as the more than fifty variants that followed. Family members include systems for ships from coastal corvettes to cruisers to submarines, for navies all over the world. These systems comprise 1-1.5 million SLOC of Ada code, are hard-real-time, embedded, and safety-critical. CelsiusTech has been able to slash production time, build more systems with fewer people, and increase quality. The story of ShipSystem 2000 was one of the first and most important case studies in successful software product line engineering.


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About This Product Line

CelsiusTech was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the First Software Product Line Conference (SPLC1).

Cited improvements to the CelsiusTech ShipSystem 200 include improved time to delivery, productivity, and cost.