Current Set of Nominations for the Software Product Line MIP Award

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  • About the SPL MIP Award
  • Nominations for Year 20XX Awards are due at the end of February 20XX in general, see the exact dates in the call for nominations.
  • Announcements of Winners are made around June 20XX (approx 3 months before SPLC 20XX is held).
Paper Nomination Date Submitted Status
Feature Models, Grammars, and Propositional Formulas. SPLC 2005 Letter July 21, 2016 Withdrawn as
SPLC Test-of-Time Award 2017
 February 8, 2017 MIP Award Winner 2017
Automated Reasoning on Feature Models
CAISE 2005
 December 12, 2016 MIP Award Winner 2017
Letter February 28, 2018 MIP Award Winner 2018
Granularity in Software Product Lines
ICSE 2008
March 22, 2019
MIP Award Winner 2019
Model Checking Lots of Systems: Efficient Verification of Temporal Properties in Software Product Lines
October 3, 2019
MIP Award Winner 2020
Delta-Oriented Programming of Software Product Lines,
SPLC 2010
Letter December 10, 2020 MIP Award Winner 2022
Reasoning about edits to feature models,
ICSE 2009
Letter February 2, 2023 Award Winner 2023
Current set of Nominations for SPL MIP; new nominations will be added when submitted
Formal Description of Variability in Product Families,
SPLC 2011
Letter January 12, 2022 Active Year #3
Automated and Scalable T-wise Test Case Generation Strategies for Software Product Lines,
ICST 2010
Letter January 27, 2022 Active Year #3
FeatureIDE: An extensible framework for feature-oriented software development,
SCP 2014
Letter February 12, 2024 Active Year #1
Evolution of the Linux Kernel Variability Model,
SPLC 2010
Letter March 26, 2024 Active Year #1
Nominations that expired after 4 active years and need to be resubmitted according to SPLC MIP rules
Using Feature Diagrams with Context Variability to Model Multiple Product Lines for Software Supply Chains,
SPLC 2008
Letter February 13, 2018 Expired