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SPLC 2017 Accepted Papers

Research track

Future of System and Software Product Lines

  • Jacob Krüger, Sebastian Nielebock, Sebastian Krieter, Christian Diedrich, Thomas Leich, Gunter Saake, Sebastian Zug and Frank Ortmeier. Beyond Software Product Lines: Variability Modeling in Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Charles Krueger and Paul Clements.  An Enterprise Feature Ontology for Feature-based Product Line Engineering

Industrial Systems and Software Product Lines

  • Susan Gregg, Denise Albert and Paul ClementsProduct Line Engineering on the Right Side of the “V”
  • Bobbi Young, Rick Flores, Judd Cheatwood, Todd Peterson and Paul Clements. Product Line Engineering Meets Model Based Engineering in the Defense and Automotive Industries
  • Kengo Hayashi, Mikio Aoyama and Keiji Kobata. Agile Tames Product Line Variability: An Agile Development Method for Multiple Product Lines of Automotive Software Systems
  • Alejandro Cortiñas, Miguel R. Luaces, Oscar Pedreira, Ángeles S. Places and Jennifer Pérez. Web-based Geographic Information Systems SPLE: Domain Analysis and Experience Report
  • Aitziber Iglesias, Hong Lu, Cristobal Arellano, Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Goiuria Sagardui. Product Line Engineering of Monitoring Functionality in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: A Domain Analysis
  • Alexander Schlie, David Wille, Sandro Schulze, Loek Cleophas and Ina SchaeferDetecting Variability in MATLAB/Simulink Models: An Industry-Inspired Technique and its Evaluation
  • Leonardo Tizzei, Marcelo Dos Santos, Vinicius Segura and Renato CerqueiraUsing Microservices and Software Product Line Engineering to Support Reuse of Evolving Multi-tenant SaaS